Ratings Quick Beam: Green Lantern: The Animated Series (February 11-17, 2013)



Welcome back to another edition of Ratings Quick Beam, where I give you a small dose latest ratings info for your favorite lantern media. Let’s find out where GLTAS landed this week.



Normally, I’ll only show the ratings for the top 30 Cartoon Network(excluding its late night programming block Adult Swim) programs. This week, I wanted to spotlight even more episodes of Adventure Time. I’m kidding, but that is incredibly difficult to cope with. How can a network justify cancelling any show when you air so much of another?

My reasoning for the slight expansion of weekly ratings was to spotlight Pokemon Black & White. As you can see from the chart above that Pokemon ranks at 33, where Green Lantern: The Animated Series is a full 13 spots above at #20. Awesome. Yet, despite this small hour difference in time slot, Pokemon isn’t being canceled. Its a huge huge HUGE brand and its viewership is drastically low. I say low because obviously GLTAS is considered by Cartoon Network to be low with only a P2+ rating of 1568(which is way down from last weeks 1709).

Just weird. Also, it seems that some viewers are abandoning GLTAS as it builds to its close. That’s unfortunate but expected. No one likes a sinking ship, even if it is a space ship. Another note before I wrap up: The Hall of Game Awards is ranked at #11. That’s embarrassing. I don’t want to take shots at the network, but maybe that money could be spent elsewhere? Just saying…



P2+ (000): Viewers, in thousands, aged 2 years or older.
All Times Eastern & Pacific.
Source: Nielsen Media Research & SotB

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  1. Tana

    So that’s how they work out ratings for shows they air in multi-hour blocks. I was wondering.

    Also, GLTAS is yet to air in my country, and I’m beginning to wonder if it ever will.


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