PREVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #15

The latest chapter of Peter Tomasi’s Green Lantern Corps is out this Wednesday, and USA Today spoke with the writer and provided a preview of issue 15. Check out some choice quotes below and the preview as well. Things didn’t look too good for Guy Gardner last month, so lets find out what happens to the fallen lantern next.










“He’s always been a person who’s always had something to prove — if it’s not to other people, it’s to himself,” says writer Peter Tomasi.

“He’s out to prove that maybe he doesn’t need a ring and maybe he’s got a lot of stuff he can dig deep in from all his years of experience and show he doesn’t need a ring. More or less that it’s the guy who makes the ring, not the ring who makes the guy.”


“He actually liked being a cop — he enjoyed the ability to serve and protect — and when that’s taken away from him by the authorities for a very specific reason, that was the seed for him to always have that mistrust in from that point on. It keeps building as we move forward in the next coming months.”


Tomasi teases that Guy has “some really big moments” coming up in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps Annual as well as issue 16 as the Green Lantern books shift from “The Rise of the Third Army” story line to “Wrath of the First Lantern.” Fans will see how much of a warrior he is, the writer says, plus “just how much he seriously takes his role as a Green Lantern and a real clear sense of duty.”


Tomasi promises “big, really character-centric exploratory issues” starring Guy and John in the upcoming “First Lantern” arc as the writer continues to add extra dimension to Guy’s one-liners and wild stunts.

“I just started to write a guy who I felt could be more relatable in a way and add some elements that would [tick] people off but still make him a character you’d love to hate or hate to love,” says Tomasi


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