REVIEW: Justice League: No Justice #1


From one event to another. DC is going to bang us over the head with huge stories until our brains melt from the pressure. But alas, it won’t be from the pain. As Justice League: No Justice features high profile talent on all ends of the creative side, I look forward to seeing whether the result is a fantastic event or a middling gap filler until the next “real” event comes along. Well, issue one is here so lets find out how things got started shall we? Spoilers ahoy!

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REVIEW: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #44


Summer is right around the corner and the heat is starting to rise for The Green Lantern Corps. Venditti has positioned the Darkstars as a credible threat, while also making their plight feel personal by using Tomar’s inner turmoil turned violent. Even though I’ve read hundred of stories where former friends have to collide, I still anticipate each and every time because it will ultimately end in some sort of emotional gut punch. Warning the following review will contain spoilers. So remember to read your comic before reading this review. You have been warned. Click here to read the full article.

LEGO DC Super Heroes – Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis Announced



The next LEGO DC Super Heroes straight-to-video animated film will be Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis.

A trailer has been released for the next LEGO DC Super Heroes animated movie coming this Summer on July 31st, Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis. Ahead of the release of the live action Aquaman movie, the character will be front and centre in this new straight-to-home-release LEGO flick. Check out the trailer below and some shots of Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Red Lantern Atrocitus.

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REVIEW: Green Lanterns #46

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Prepare to enter a dark place, a place that only the downtrodden dare venture. Do you want to know where that place is? The answer may surprise you. The answer is your mind. No matter how mentally okay you think you are, deep down there’s something in your head that will ruin your perception of reality therefore messing up your day. Thankfully our own personal demons don’t manifest themselves into our physical dimension. That would be crazy! Warning the following review will contain spoilers. So remember to read you comic before continuing on. You have been warned.
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DC Entertainment Announces “DC Universe” Name For Upcoming Streaming Service



DC Comics announced the name and released new imagery for the upcoming streaming service, titled “DC Universe.” The streaming service will be home to a host of DC Comics-based programming, both live-action and animated. New imagery includes updated title logos for Young Justice: Outsiders and Harley Quinn, two of the animated series slated for “DC Universe.” Live-action programming currently slated for the service includes Titans, the James Wan produced Swamp Thing and Metropolis.

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REVIEW: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #43


Have you ever experienced something that truly opened your eyes? Or at least known someone who believes their life has changed? In my experience that eye opening experience isn’t always a healthy one, and slowly but surely you or someone else morphs into something that is unrecognizable. Sometimes a new perspective isn’t always a good perspective. Warning the following review will contain spoilers. So remember to read your comic before reading further. You have been warned.
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Green Lantern to Receive Ultraviolet Makeover

The Emotional Magnetic Spectrum consists of nine colors and each unique color has a corresponding emotion. Each is also assigned a specific energy field and the whole thing is overseen by Lantern Corps. Following on from events in Dark Nights Metal, namely the Source Wall breach, DC Comics has announced that they are adding a tenth color to the spectrum – ultraviolet.

This new portion of the spectrum will be entrusted to none other than John Stewart, the current Green Lantern, not the TV host. Along with the announcement, DC released some cover art for the new issues. This art, by Jorge Jimenez, features Stewart with his new ring in place and the ultraviolet logo.

New Storyline

The new storyline revolves around Stewart learning of the ultraviolet power and learning how to properly wield it. He will be unleashing his new abilities alongside many stalwarts of the Justice League, with the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman all appearing. Issue 3 will see the Justice League investigating the scene of the Source Wall fragment. Along the way they will encounter hordes of monsters, and, according to DC, they will face “a pair of longtime archenemies using stolen Atom technology to literally get under [the League’s] skin.”

The subsequent issue will expand upon this ultraviolet story, but DC remains cagey about their long-term plans for the plotline. Whether Stewart will become just one of many Ultraviolet Lanterns, or whether this will make him split off to form his own superhero team, remains up in the air. What we do know is that he is the first who will wield this new power, and the indications so far are that Stewart will remain in this state for some time.

Given the scope of the Dark Multiverse, there is every chance that we will be introduced to new sectors and other areas for the Lanterns to keep watch over.

Green Lantern

Green is the best known of the Lantern Corps in the DC Universe, but there are others. Green is represented by the force of willpower and it is wielded by the Oans, a race of beings who act as Guardians of the Universe, combating evil throughout the cosmos.

How to Read the New Issues

Comic book stores are becoming harder to find, leading an increasing number of readers to switch to digital formats. There has even been attempts made to establish a new digital format of comics which takes advantage of the medium. If you buy your comics digitally, they are much easier to backup, so you don’t have to worry about losing your collection. If you were to suffer data loss, a service like Secure Data Recovery could still help you retrieve everything in most cases.

When Green Lantern: Rebirth was written, it established the existence of the rest of the spectrum. Among the rest of the spectrum are Red Lanterns, who naturally signify anger and rage. Yellow Lanterns are represented by fear, while Orange is associated with green, and blue with hope. The exact nature of the ultraviolet part of the spectrum is yet to be established.


Game Stop Exclusive Green Lantern Hal Jordan Statue Coming Soon from Diamond Select Toys



Diamond Select Toys’ Gallery line of PVC dioramas is expanding into new worlds! Capturing the comic-book looks of DC’s greatest heroes and villains, each 9-inch PVC diorama is sculpted in the 9-inch scale, with varying heights depending on pose and environment. Featuring dynamic designs and scintillating sculpts by today’s greatest artists, and the first few in the line are available for pre-order through your local comic shop or favorite online retailer!  Click here to read the full article.

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