Movie Rumor: Chris Pine May Still Be Hal Jordan in GREEN LANTERN Reboot


We ran a rumor just yesterday about what Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment may do with their Green Lanterns come 2020(or sooner if they show up in Justice League or even sooner if they show up at Comic Con International in 2 weeks). Today comes a tiny tidbit of a rumor that may set your rings ablaze. Chris Pine may be your next Hal Jordan.

Latino Review speculates that Chris Pine’s reported deal to star in the Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman, may in fact just be a red herring. Gasp! But why? Presumably, the Gal Gadot starring film will need a Steve Trevor, right? And DC likes cramming their movies with legit actors so Pine as a supporting character isn’t so shocking so why bother with the theatrics? Surely casting is underway for WW and not GL, right?

The Green Lantern film isn’t due out for another 5 years and while it’s the only film on the announced DC slate without any attached actors, it’s a bit of a reach to say Pine is making a deal for GL and not Wonder Woman.

Or is it? Hear me out ring bearers. Maybe, just maybe, the answer is both. Maybe Chris Pine isn’t Steve Trevor but will be in Green Lantern. Maybe Chris Pine will be Hal Jordan in Wonder Woman.

I’m not saying that Hal will be dating Diana because…Ewww. But maybe Chris Pine’s deal is to be Green Lantern and show up in WW first as Hal. So it’s not surprising when he shows up in JL after that. Close your eyes and picture pilot Steve Trevor just before crash landing on Themyscira, has a great back and forth joke scene with the cocky test pilot himself, Hal Jordan. How does that sound?  Sounds like a Geoff Johns planned cameo to me!

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