Matt Damon Laughs Off Idea of Rebooting “Green Lantern” Movie Franchise


Literally a discussion topic at The Green Lantern Corps Message Board, Matt Damon potentially playing Hal Jordan in a rebooted Green Lantern Corps franchise, was just a thought. Today, Matt Damon (seemingly) takes himself out of the running for that pressure filled duty.

Speaking with Omelete during a Jason Bourne press run, when asked about what superhero he would play Matt Damon says “I don’t even know which superheroes are left.” Then when asked about potentially rebooting GL, Damon replies “Reboot the Green Lantern? That didn’t go so well the last time. A lot of talented people and it didn’t work, maybe that’s a sign that I should leave it alone.” You can watch his response below. By the way, I only mentioned that he seemingly takes himself out of the running, because actors deny roles that they’re attached to these days habitually now. I still think Marion Cotillard is denying that she’s Talia al Ghul!


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