Looking ahead to Brightest Day: Firestorm

  Confirmed this weekend at hte Emerald City Comic Con by Geoff Johns himself. Firestorm will be a main character during the Brightest Day series. Since Brightest Day is about second chances and those who will live up to them and those who will fall. I am very happy and hoping to hear that this is Ronnie Raymon returning. As much as Jason Rausche has grown on me in the last 5 years. I would rather have the two being the duo that makes up Firestorm. Having the experience one teaching the new one how to be a hero. Having conflicting emotions since the Black Lantern Ronnie killed Jason’s girlfriend during Blackest Night. There is plenty of conflict here. Killing Ronnie off to make room for Jason wasn’t one of the best moves by DC. Especially considering how much of a fan base that Firestorm had. Everyone gave Jason a chance and even grew to like him. However, he wasn’t Ronnie. Nows the chance, let’s hope Ronnie lives up to his second chance in spades.

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  1. Heretic

    I was wondering who the protagonists were going to be for Johns upcoming series. Firestorm is definitely an underused character, glad to see he'll be getting a spotlight.

  2. The Irredeemable Shag

    The duo of Ronnie and Jason has possibilities. However, who will be the voice of reason that the Professor used to provide?The Irredeemable Shaghttp://firestormfan.com


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