JLA Writer/Artist Has Green Lantern Story Planned; Hopes for Seven Arc Run


Bryan Hitch’s JLA just hit the market today and he’s already making waves. In an interview running on DC’s digital show DC All Access, the writer/artist says this about his long term plans for the book:

“The way I’ve been kind of equating it to Brian Cumming, my editor, is that it’s like Game of Thrones. Where you have a single massive sprawling volume, which is fantastic, but is part of a much much bigger story in itself; it’s an epic,” Hitch explans. “If I had it my way, I’d do seven story arcs where each one of the core characters gets to be upfront more than the other and kind of leads that core story. Yes, I do have ideas for all of that and beyond. They’ll have to pry this book out of my cold dead fingers.”


via Newsarama

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