Is Rags Morales Replacing Billy Tan on Green Lantern?


UPDATE: Rags Morales has indeed confirmed that he’s on Green Lantern #24, and ONLY that issue via his Facebook. And yes, those six fingers are apparently intentional, as Rags says this is a glimpse of a completely new character.


Original article:

So we all know that June will give us the end of the Johns era of lanterns and see writer Robert Venditti (XO Manowar) take over the helm. We know that artist Billy Tan is set to replace Doug Mahnke with Venditti. But is Billy Tan already being replaced? That may be the case as Action Comics current co-artist(along with the future New Guardians artist Brad Walker), Rags Morales says he’ll be jumping to GL. Oh yeah, there’s more.


And just in case that twitter embed didn’t work the way I wanted it to, that’s Rags saying

“Ok, next I’ll be on GREEN LANTERN #24. Every page a splash, story to have ramifications. Robert Venditti writer”

Maybe Mr. Morales is just replacing Billy Tan on issue #24 and not ongoing. If Morales’ words are true, and we have no reason to believe they aren’t, then maybe the every splash page concept from Venditti just wasn’t going to be possible for Tan. As the artwork shows, Rags is clearly working on something.

*header is an old commission piece by Morales

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  1. Nate

    What even leads you to believe he’s going to stay on the book? You’ve got no evidence to support that, at all. The only thing Rags said was that he’s artist for #24. Your headline is sensationalism at best.


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