HBO Execs Teases Sinestro in ‘Green Lantern’ Series

We’ve finally made it to 2020 which means we’re that much closer to the launch of yet another streaming service HBO Max! Speaking on the Television Critics Association Tour (WHAT?), HBO Max Chief Kevin Reilly & WarnerMedia Head of Original Content Sarah Aubrey gave us a brief update on the status of the upcoming space series, including a character reveal.

Meanwhile, WarnerMedia is in early stages of talking with TV super producer Greg Berlanti about the Green Lantern series, execs from the company shared on stage, tossing the audience a few morsels about what to expect from the DC Comics project.

“The series so far is going to span several decades and focus on the origin story of two major Green Lanterns on Earth while going into the story in space, and Green Lantern favorite character [and villain] Sinestro,” said WarnerMedia original content head Sarah Aubrey.

So…assumption time! We’ll actually get to see Sinestro’s descent into evil guy while still focusing on not one but two Green Lanterns! Hal and John are the likely suspects, right? I’m just hoping for a fleshed out Abin Sur. He always seems so stiff. Give the guy a real personality. A reason for Sinestro to admire him. Which reminds me…We absolutely have to see Sinestro hook up with Abin’s sister, Arin. In fact, I’m going to start one of those online petitions people love to do for attention, only this time it’ll be for something important…like purple alien sex.

Reilly also somewhat addressed the concerns of DC Universe subscribers saying that they are “working out what the mechanics are”. Yikes.

Quotes via Variety

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