Green Lantern November 2015 Sales Numbers


The return of the sales numbers report! Hopefully, these numbers won’t deflate your excitement for the titles, because they are definitely not the high charting numbers lantern fans may be used to. Besides, you should never ever let the amount of people reading a certain book dictate whether you want to read that book. Anyway, lets find out how our titles did in November.

Above is a look at the top 38 comics sales for the month of November. The only title relevant to us is Bryan Hitch’s JLA #5 which sold just over 50,000 units. DC claimed the top spot with its Frank Miller/Brian Azzarello written Dark Knight All Star Batman sequel but Marvel dominates throughout the top 40 with their All New All Different promotion going in full force. Plus, that whole Star Wars thing is pretty popular nowadays.


Our next relevant sales title is Green Lantern #46 which has close to 39,000 sold and is selling more than other flagship titles like Wonder Woman, Flash, Action Comics, Batman Superman, Captain America and even the recently launched and perfectly timed James Bond. That’s a good thing. Compared to the month of October, its actually an increase in sales despite the drop in position (38,406 with a #55 ranking)!

Following that is Justice League Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 which is a one shot issue so we have nothing to compare it to outside of other Darkseid War titles. As the image shows, the tie-in ranked at #81 with 33,104 units sold and that means last months DW: Batman issue sold more, this months Flash and Superman did as well but not Shazam.

The list is topped off with Sinestro #17 and Earth 2: Society #6 going back to back to back with Star Trek/Green Lantern #5 pulling in the rear. Interestingly enough, Items marked with asterisks[*] had their reported orders slightly reduced due to returnability. That includes Star Trek/GL. The saved Omega Men #6 is doing poorly with less than 10,000 sold but since we already know it’ll get to 12 issues, then maybe the title will thrive in trades. We’ll have to wait and see.

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