Green Lantern Rebirth Part 2 Starring Jessica Cruz? Rumor Has It


There are plenty of things going around on the movie side of things as we inch closer and closer to the premiere of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Meanwhile, we’ve reached a point where DC Comics has ended the “DC You” movement and now prepares for the “Rebirth. What is it? No one outside of Dan Didio, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee truly knows but we’ll attempt to give you a decent look at what’s to come.

So as BleedingCool reports and the title of this article says, we may be getting two new titles during this rebirth. The first of these titles is:

New Green Lantern starring Jessica Cruz using a power ring from Earth-3.

Yeah, that’s something. Not the most creative title in the world, though its not as stagnant as the other title we may be getting. Prepare yourself for:

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps

If either of these two potential books sound terrible to you, well too bad. Actually, BleedingCool admits that information on these titles aren’t as solid as the others, including a new Trinity title featuring…The Trinity. Okay, well that’s the latest. It’s not as if know we’re spending a great time with Royal Vegas, right? ┬áThat’s literally all we know about the future of the lantern titles.

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