Green Lantern May 2014 Sales


We kinda dropped the ball with giving you sales info recently. This month, we definitely had to share these figures. Venture on below for the good news!

The crossover strategy wins again! Green Lantern #31 held the 39th spot in April and was able to hold on to that ranking in May, despite losing a little over 700 readers. And while 39 might seem like a drastically low number, you have to consider that there are a lot of comics out there. DC Comics has two weekly series running at the same time, that can crunch the most of loyal readers budget.

Sinestro #1 debuted at 32 in April and has dropped to 60 in May with its second issue and loses almost 12,000 readers in the process. Still, its the second biggest selling lantern title and like Larfleeze before it, has nothing to do with the other titles (for now). Earth 2 #23 is just below in the 61st spot and sold 35,531 in May.



Ready for that good news? With Part 2 of “Uprising”, Green Lantern Corps #31 saw a big increase in rank and sales from April to May! In April, GLC was ranked 85th and sold 26,640. Compare that to Green Lantern Corps #31 which holds a 78 ranking and sold 28,449. That’s a 1800 increase!


Red Lanterns looks to be maintaining a decent 24,000 readers. Losing around 300 readers between April and May, it only dropped two rankings with issue #31. May also marks the first month that Red Lanterns has outsold Green Lantern: New Guardians. Well, excluding that hybrid issue with GL a few months back, of course. Green Lantern: New Guardians #31 falls to the 100th best selling comic, which is down 8 from April. Issue #31 sold 23,886 issues. And Justice League 3000 continues to outsell them both. Check the chart below for those numbers.



Lastly, Larfleeze #11 sold 12,110 in May as it heads to its final issue [Insert really really really sad face here].






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