Green Lantern March Madness Tournament Bracket 2019

March Madness

It’s March so your second favorite website is desperately trying to get you to continually come back and view something semi-related to that thing you love in order to gain your clicks by playing on your equally desperate need to vote on things. Guess what? We’re no different! 64 lanterns ranked. Separated into four regions: Earth, Oa, Qward and Zamaron, and you get to decide who the greatest or your most favorite lantern of all time is.

Did your favorite not make the cut? Write a comment, post on Facebook, the GLCMB orĀ tweet us and hope they make the cut next year! Mwahahaha! Til then, check out the bracket below and we’ll continue to update as the weeks progress. Also, no Guardians (excluding Krona). Damn the Guardians!


Hal Jordan vs John Stewart (April 8th – April 12th)

Congrats to Hal Jordan for winning the first Annual March Madness!

FINAL FOUR Matchups & Times

Hal Jordan vs Guy Gardner (April 1st – April 3rd)

Kyle Rayner vs John Stewart (April 4th – April 6th)

ELITE EIGHT Matchups & Times

Hal Jordan vs Soranik Natu (March 25th – March 27th)

Guy Gardner vs Sinestro (March 25th – March 27th)

John Stewart vs Carol Ferris (March 28th – March 30th)

Kyle Rayner vs Alan Scott (March 28th – March 30th)

Third Round Matchups & Times

Carol Ferris vs Arkillo (March 18th – March 20th)

Sinestro vs Jessica Cruz (March 18th – March 20th)

Atrocitus vs Soranik Natu (March 18th – March 20th)

Alan Scott vs Saint Walker (March 18th – March 20th)

Fatality vs Guy Gardner (March 21st – March 23rd)

Larfleeze vs Hal Jordan (March 21st – March 23rd)

Nekron vs John Stewart (March 21st – March 23rd)

Indigo-1 vs Kyle Rayner (March 21st – March 23rd)

Second Round Matchups & Times

Guy Gardner vs Volthoom (March 11th – March 13th)

John Stewart vs Alan Scott of Earth 2 (March 11th – March 13th)

Kyle Rayner vs Stel (March 11th – March 13th)

Hal Jordan vs Mogo (March 11th – March 13th)

Carol Ferris vs Salaak (March 11th – March 13th)

Sinestro vs Dex-Starr (March 11th – March 13th)

Alan Scott vs Arisa (March 11th – March 13th)

Abin Sur vs Atrocitus (March 11th – March 13th)


Laira vs Larfleeze (March 14th – March 16th)

Fatality vs Black Hand (March 14th – March 16th)

Nekron vs Krona (March 14th – March 16th)

Indigo-1 vs Hector Hammond (March 14th – March 16th)

Arkillo vs Tomar-Re (March 14th – March 16th)

Soranik Natu vs Isamot Kol (March 14th – March 16th)

Saint Walker vs Sodam Yat (March 14th – March 16th)

Jessica Cruz vs Kilowog (March 14th – March 16th)

First Round Matchups & Times

Hal Jordan vs Effigy (March 4th – March 6th)

Kyle Rayner vs Saarek (March 4th – March 6th)

Guy Gardner vs The Phantom Lantern (March 4th – March 6th)

John Stewart vs Alexander Nero (March 4th – March 6th)

Atrocitus vs Munk (March 4th – March 6th)

Sinestro vs Invictus (March 4th – March 6th)

Carol Ferris vs Amon Sur (March 4th – March 6th)

Alan Scott vs Kryb (March 4th – March 6th)

Arkillo vs Brother Warth (March 4th – March 6th)

Kilowog vs Rankor (March 4th – March 6th)

Saint Walker vs Evil Star (March 4th – March 6th)

Soranik Natu vs Romat Ru (March 4th – March 6th)

Nekron vs Kanjar Ro (March 4th – March 6th)

Black Hand vs Zilius Zox (March 4th – 6th)

Larfleeze vs Power Ring (March 4th – 6th)

Indigo-1 vs The Weaponer (March 4th – 6th)


Fatality vs Glomulus (March 7th – 9th)

Krona vs Ch’p (March 7th – 9th)

Hector Hammond vs Vath Sarn (March 7th – 9th)

Mongul vs Laira (March 7th – 9th)

Tomar-Re vs Miri Riam (March 7th – 9th)

Dex Starr vs Princess Iolande (March 7th – 9th)

Sodam Yat vs Queen Aga’po (March 7th – 9th)

Simon Baz vs Isamot Kol (March 7th – 9th)

Bleez vs Jessica Cruz (March 7th – 9th)

Salaak vs The Pale Bishop (March 7th – 9th)

Abin Sur vs Jack T. Chance (March 7th – 9th)

Arisia vs Morro (March 7th – 9th)

Mogo vs Lyssa Drak (March 7th – 9th)

Jade vs Alan Scott of Earth 2 (March 7th – 9th)

Volthoom vs Relic (March 7th – 9th)

Boodikka vs Stel (March 7th – 9th)

Continue checking this post as we’ll keep it updated with the latest results and full of links to the individual battles. Second Round starts March 11th!

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