Green Lantern March Madness ’19 Round 3: Alan Scott vs Saint Walker

Today’s match up in our Oa region is between the first Green Lantern we ever knew, Alan Scott our #2 ranked seed and the Blue Lantern Saint Walker, our #3 ranked seed. Below are brief tidbits on each character with accompanying picture. You are not voting on who will win a battle, but simply who you want to see win this match.

#2 Green Lantern Alan Scott

Alan Scott, the bearer of the mystical Starheart, is the original Golden Age Green Lantern and a founding member of the Justice Society of America.

#3 Blue Lantern Saint Walker

Saint Walker is the first recruit to the Blue Lantern Corps, as well as its most recognizable. He was vital in freeing Hal Jordan from the influence of the Red Lantern ring, and one of the New Guardians after the Blackest Night.

Alan Scott or Saint Walker
Alan Scott
Saint Walker

Go here to see the bracket and check any matches you’ve missed.

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