Green Lantern March Madness ’19 Round 2: Indigo-1 vs Hector Hammond

Today’s match up in our Oa region is between criminal turned pacifist Indigo-1, ranked #4 seed and the biggest head in the galaxy Hector Hammond, our #5 ranked seed. Below are brief tidbits on each character with accompanying picture. You are not voting on who will win a battle, but simply who you want to see win this match.

#4 Indigo-1

Iroque also known as Indigo-1 is the name of a mysterious woman who became the leader of the Indigo Tribe; a group that harnessed the Indigo Light of Compassion of the Emotional Spectrum.

#5 Hector Hammond

Genius who evolved himself into a man of the future with a meteor’s power. His futuristic brain grants him many powers that make him a very dangerous foe to Green Lantern.

Hector Hammond or Indigo-1
Hector Hammond

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