Green Lantern March Madness ’19 Round 1: Tomar-Re vs Miri Riam

Today’s match up in our Zamaron region is between the Xudarian hero Tomar-Re who is our #6 ranked seed and Star Sapphire Miri Riam is our #11 ranked seed. Below are brief tidbits on each character with accompanying picture. You are not voting on who will win a battle, but simply who you want to see win this match.

6. Green Lantern Tomar-Re

A Xudarian and former Green Lantern of Space Sector 2813. He is Hal Jordan’s mentor in pre-Crisis continuity.

11. Miri Riam

A Star Sapphire from the planet Lartnec. After the one she loved was killed by Mongul, a despondent Miri Riam was selected to join the Star Sapphire Corps. She trained on Zamaron and was charged by Queen Aga’po to follow her heart and go out into the stars to battle hate and fear throughout the universe and to spread and protect love – to bring forth love in the hearts of others wherever she went.

Tomar-Re or Miri Riam?

Miri Riam
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