Green Lantern March Madness ’19 Round 1: Mongul vs Laira

Today’s match up in our Earth region is between the yellow lantern with yellow skin, Mongul our #5 ranked seed and arguably the most tragic Red Lantern Laira is our #12 ranked seed. Below are brief tidbits on each character with accompanying picture. You are not voting on who will win a battle, but simply who you want to see win this match.

#5 Mongul

The cruel conqueror Mongul once roamed the cosmos aboard Warworld, a planet-sized engine of destruction. Invading countless worlds, Mongul enslaved entire populations. Dying at the hands of Neron, his son carries on the family tradition, most recently as a member and would be leader of the Sinestro Corps.

#12 Laira

Honored Fallen Lantern of Space Sector 112; former Lost Lantern; brief Red Lantern; killed by Sinestro. Laira is truly a tragic story.

Mongul or Laira?

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