Green Lantern March Madness ’19 Round 1: Arisia vs Morro

March Madness

Today’s match up in our Oa region is between the beautiful elf-like Green Lantern Arisia our #7 ranked seed and the most creepy Green Lantern, Morro our #10 ranked seed. Below are brief tidbits on each character with accompanying picture. You are not voting on who will win a battle, but simply who you want to see win this match.

7. Green Lantern Arisia

Arisia is the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2815. Her family has a long and proud history serving in the Green Lantern Corps. At one point, she and Hal Jordan dated. She lost her ring after Hal became Parallax and was assumed dead at one point, though really she didn’t die, but went into a regenerative sleep. Shortly before the events of the Sinestro Corps War, she was found and revived. She’s back to being a Green Lantern again, and has been serving with distinction in many harrowing campaigns ever since.

10. Green Lantern Morro

The Green Lantern of Space Sector 666. Morro has volunteered to keep a vigil over all that have fallen in service of the Corps. Formerly, this meant being the keeper of the Crypts of Oa. Currently, it means he tends the memorial to the honored fallen erected on Mogo, where the Green lantern Corps has made their home after Oa’s destruction.

Arisia or Morro?

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