Green Lantern “Lights Out” Event to Destroy One Lantern Corps



MTV got the exclusive but twitter is faster so for now, that’s all the info we have. Guess this definitely makes “Lights Out” an event to remember! Venditti and company look to shake things up in a big way in October…


MTV finally comes through with their video interview with Jim Lee and Dan DiDio dropping that bombshell of news. Check it out below.


Dan DiDio: “Well we can say…Tease! Tease. We can tease that one of the colored corps are destroyed in the course of this battle that takes place with this character that we’ve introduced called Relic. And its a new character, but an extremely old character that’s gonna really affect every aspect of the Green Lantern universe. He actually destroys one of the corps and also, the power battery.”

Jim Lee: “We’ve crossed over from tease to reveal! The publicist…”

Dan DiDio: “He’s dying right now! But then the idea is ‘What happens when the power battery runs dry to all the lanterns and all the rings?’ How do they defend the universe?’…..It all takes place in a single month, October, in the Green Lantern books. Its tight within the Green Lantern books, but you’ll see it affect other books throughout the DC Universe whole.”



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4 Responses to “Green Lantern “Lights Out” Event to Destroy One Lantern Corps”

  1. Troff

    Not to be a downer, but is there a transcript or something that reads something other than “Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location” please?

      • Troff

        And much appreciated, much thanks, sir!

        … ‘course, in this new reboot (and the movie?), one still wonders what’s going on. The rings run on the respective “emotions”, so what’s the difference between charging off a battery and supposedly charging off an “emotional” person? In the case of the Green, can the Guardians charge rings? Can the entities charge rings?

        … can we just go back to the Larry Niven / Gerard Jones days when the rings’ energies were just energy?

      • Troff

        (whoops, wish I could edit…)
        … didn’t somebody during the last of Johns’s run tell Jordan that he was as much a source/focus of the will as was his battery? That seems like much of a corroboration.


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