Green Lantern July 2013 Comic Sales


All is well that ends well. That’s got absolutely nothing to do with July 2013’s lantern title sales, but I really felt like typing it. Lets just move onto the info and charts before some terrible pop song enters my head and distracts me from all relevant comic news.

Green Lantern #22 by Robert Venditti and Billy Tan falls four spots from last month to land at #20 overall in July. Ouch. Yet GL still was only topped by two additional DC books that will likely not hold their top positions next month, especially since one of them is an Annual. Check out the top 25 in the chart below.



After the surprising jump in sales after Peter Tomasi’s departure, Green Lantern Corps #22 by Van Jensen and Bernard Chang takes a pretty big tumble down seven spots to find itself at #45. While that looks pretty bad, I’d look at the other books around the title to see its in pretty great company; even selling better than Eisner winning books with industry veterans attached. Earth 2 #14 falls just three spots as James Robinson gets closer and closer to his climatic exit. Justin Jordan brushes off Superboy controversy as Green Lantern: New Guardians #22 only slides down four spots like GL for a #52 position. Topping Marvel’s top franchises Wolverine, Iron Man and Daredevil!


Red Lanterns #22 takes the largest slide of the main lantern titles with a 8 spot drop. We all knew this book was fighting an uphill battle after the Milligan’s run wasn’t well received. Charles Soule and Alessandro Vitti’s book can rest its head knowing that its still only a few spots behind its other lantern books and DC mainstays. On the downside, Larfleeze #2 had a tremendous fall after a decent debut issue last month. From #59 last month to #82 in July. As many on our message board have pointed out, the lack of a connection to the main lantern titles is what hurt Threshold and is likely doing the same with Agent Orange’s first ongoing series.

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