Green Lantern Jessica Cruz Costume Designs by Jason Fabok


Instagram is one helluva app if you’re into pictures. Its also the chosen place for Justice League artist Jason Fabok to unleash his pre-Rebirth costume designs for the latest Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz. Complete with his own commentary, check them out below. And since we’re picking favorites, mine are 3 and 7.


Original design for Jessica Cruz Green Lantern. Started out with traditional colors, but wanted something unique and sci-fi. I tried some different variations of the classic Green Lantern look after Brian Cunningham challenged me to find something original to make her stand out (Like Kyle Rayner’s original look). Then we shifted to making white the dominant color. I thought it would also be cool to have her hair in a ponytail to give her a definitive silhouette when she was in the Justice League and make her stand out from Wonder Woman (who both have long black hair).

 I also thought it would be cool if her arms were bare, showing her muscle tone. In the end, I was really excited and happy to be apart of the legacy of this character in her first appearance, but it was decided that with Rebirth happening, the design would change. The final design is simple and really cool as well, but I’m partial to my own interpretation and felt we created something different that would make her stand out. It’s sad when your design gets pushed aside, but it’s all part of the job.


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