Green Lantern February 2014 Comic Sales


We haven’t done this in a while, my apologies. Below are the sales for the Green Lantern related titles including DC’s current event, Forever Evil.


I know what you’re thinking. Forever Evil isn’t really a lantern title, but lets be honest, how can a book feature Sinestro vs Power Ring and not be considered a lantern title? The seemingly forever running series came in at #2 overall behind Batman, with an estimated 92,014 in sales.


So as a lantern fan, you probably already knew that Green Lantern and Red Lanterns combined in February for their respective issue #28. So while the book sold almost 50,000 (which was good enough to seat them at #25 overall), the real question is whether the struggling Red Lanterns book will see an increase in sales after the shared story. Its definitely worth mentioning that last month’s Green Lantern #27 came in just a spot below and about a thousand sales less, so I’m sure Venditti and DC are quite happy for that increase. Must have been those folks only reading about Dex Starr finally picking up a Hal Jordan book.

Earth 2 #20 cracked the top 50 in sales, coming in at #47 with 35,732 estimated sold.


Justice League 3000 #3 saw a massive drop in ranking in February, falling from 34 to 57, but only losing about a thousand in estimated sales (February’s sales were about 33,308). While Green Lantern Corps #28 is at the naughty 69 in ranking and estimated sales of 29,142, both of which are down from last month. Green Lantern: New Guardians #28 is just spots below that at 71 with 27,212 in estimated sales. At 93 overall is Injustice Year Two 2 with 22,703 in estimated sales. These numbers may feel a bit disappointing but literally all comics lose readers every month. No need to worry about any cancellations with the core titles.

Unfortunately, Larfleeze will be cancelled with June’s 12th issue. In February, the Keith Giffen written title ranked at #138 with an estimated 13,338 in sales for its eighth issue.

In Trade sales news, Green Lantern Wrath of the First Lantern HC sold an estimated 2,478 for a 15th spot.

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