Green Lantern Corps/New Guardians TPB Summer 2013 Solicits

We already told you that we’ll be seeing an Absolute Edition of Blackest Night on sale in 2013. Now, thanks to Collecteditions via Amazon, we can pinpoint whats to come for Green Lantern related collections in Spring.


Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2: Alpha War


DC Comics’ New 52 Green Lantern, among other, collections release the paperback of a book originally released in hardcover at the same time as the hardcover of the second volume comes out. Such is the case for Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern Corps Volume 2: Alpha War HC

Release Date: July 9, 2013
When the Alpha Lanterns, an internal police force for the Corps, arrest Green Lantern John Stewart for the murder of a fellow Lantern, it sends shock waves throughout the entire Corps. It is up to Guy Gardner and the rest of the Green Lanterns to break Stewart out and bring down the emotionless Alpha Lanterns. (144pages, $22.99)


Green Lantern Corps Volume 1: Fearsome TPB

Release Date: July 9, 2013
A #1 New York Times Bestseller!

As part of the DC New 52 event, the Green Lantern Corps return, led by fan favorite Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart.

When a new menace, The Keepers, begins to march across the space sectors and devouring not only their natural resources but their entire populations, it is up to The Corps, severely outnumbered, to stop them. The Corps soon find one of their own held by the ruthless Keepers and must figure out a way to save their comrade and defeat the Keepers without the Green Lantern’s most powerful weapon, their power rings.(160pages, $14.99)

Green Lantern: New Guardians Volume 2: Beyond Hope

Green Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 2: Beyond Hope HC

Release Date: August 6, 2013
When Green Lantern Kyle Rayner found one of each of the multi-colored Lantern rings in his possession, he found himself hunted by some of the most power, diverse and dangerous members of the other Lantern corps. Now the mystery must be put on hold as Odym, the homeworld of the Blue Lanterns, is being attacked by alien conquerors know as The Reach. But betrayed by one of their own, the NEW GUARDIANS uneasy alliance teeters on the edge of destruction. (144pages, $22.99)
Release Date: August 6, 2013

A New York Times Best Seller!

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner finds himself at odds with the Guardians of the Universe when rings from all the separate Lantern Corps come to claim him. But the other Corps aren’t too keen on the Green Lanterns “stealing” their rings! Writer Tony Bedard (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) pens a new chapter in the Green Lantern mythos with a team of renegade Lanterns consisting of members from each Corps! (160pages, $14.99)

Release Date: August 27, 2013
The mid-1980s run of Green Lantern tales continues with the final stories by the team of writer Len Wein (creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing) and artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen). Over the course of these tales, John Stewart becomes the new Green Lantern of Earth, only to face the threats of Eclipso and Star Sapphire. Plus, John Stewart battles his predecessor as Green Lantern of Earth, Hal Jordan. (232pages, $16.99)

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