Grant Morrison’s “Multiversity” includes Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner


Remember way back in September when we told you about Grant Morrison’s oft-delayed epic Multiversity? No? Well we did. We also told you that one of many issues of that series will feature legacy heroes. So it should come as no surprise that during a night in his honor, Morrison decides to drop more nuggets about that legacy issue, right? Surprise! Read what Morrison had to say about his superhero epic for DC.

“Like I said, we have seven different books dealing with this,” he continues. The initial story will feature a multiversal Justice League, with Calvin Ellis, the black President Superman from Final Crisis and Action, as the protagonist. The second story will be a pulp adventure tale, using both old pulp characters and repurposed characters who could easily fit the mold, including an Indiana Jones by way of John Constantine “Doc” Fate. Also present will be Lady Blackhawk, the Atom and the Immortal Man in a story set in the year 2013 after a world war has decimated the human populace down to two billion people. Following that will be “The Just”, taking place on Earth-11, showcasing the return of the Super-Sons and the children of other superheroes. Surprisingly citing The Hills as an inspiration, the disaffected super-kids will be introduced in ways similar to that program, and the utopian world brought on by their parents will be echoed by their dull, meaningless, “shallow” conversational patterns. We’ll also see the remnants of a bored Justice League, filled with nearly-forgotten 90s characters with nothing to do but superhero/supervillain battle re-enactments. When asked who would be appearing, Kyle Rayner will be the Green Lantern featured in the book, but Guy Gardner will be present. Other 90s characters set to appear include Bloodpack, Bloodwynd, Anima, Walker Gabriel and, yes, Wally West, amidst a host of other legacy characters introduced in the era, hinting at appearances by Azrael and the “replacement” Supermen. Knowing that it would always come back to the most iconic versions of the characters, such as Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen and Hal Jordan, Morrison wanted to give these heroes “a world they did inherit, but they didn’t inherit anything” worthwhile.

Are you excited? Because I sure the hell am. There’s tons more to read about the series and Morrison in general at MTV so go click the link above. Still we wait for a release date…

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