Grant Morrison Talks “Multiversity” and Green Lanterns Abin Sur & Kyle Rayner


We’ve been waiting far too long for Grant Morrison’s super epic story Multiversity but solicitations tell us that it is definitely coming this year. At Comic Con International (or just San Diego Comic Con), Morrison gave a lot of details about his upcoming series and specifically the Green Lantern of Earth, Abin Sur.

The pulp world of Earth 20 featuring “Doc Fate” takes place on a world that may be in the future but is just getting over its own world war, as drawn by Chris Sprouse. Characters like Lady Blackhawk and the Immortal Man were redesigned by Morrison himself to fight zombie paratroopers in this one-shot. The story will also include a new version of the original Green Lantern Abin Sur. “My idea is that Abin Sur is the Green Lantern [of earth’s sector]…but the reason we never see him is because he looks like Satan,” he said. “His costume is based on the original Mart Nodell Green Lantern comic from the 1940s but slightly updated.”

Whoa. Does that mean that glimpse of Etrigan we saw on that Multiversity teaser wasn’t The Demon Etrigan at all but instead Abin Sur? Probably so. We know that Morrison plans on using Green Lanterns (and currently Red Lantern) Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner in the series, so when when he describes Earth 16 below, that’s where we’ll likely see them. At least its where we can expect to see Kyle.

“The Multiversity: The Just” takes place on Earth 16 featuring the descendants of Batman, Superman and others as inspired by the classic Bob Haney superhero stories. Here, the teens no longer have any villains to fight, and Morrison calls them “flat, kind of feckless characters” in the vein of reality shows like “The Hills” (which he joked, “Does anyone remember that?”) while Connor Hawke will be the Bill Ray Cyrus of the world trying to stop his daughter from becoming involved in the superhero world to be corrupted. “This is quite a fun book, and the more I see of Ben Oliver’s art, the more fun it gets,” the writer explained. Morrison himself designed the Atom for this world based on the teenage Ray Palmer from Dan Jurgens’ “Teen Titans” run in the late ’90s.

In this world, Lex Luthor’s daughter Alexis is dating Damian Wayne — however this doesn’t sit well with Superman’s son since Lex killed Superman in this world. A twist on “the World’s Finest romance” as Morrison described it. The book will also include other legacy characters from the ’90s like Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Wally West and Offspring from “The Kingdom.”

Final “Multiversity” #1 Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Featuring Green Lantern Abin Sur of Earth 20


The Society of Super-Heroes Character Designs by Chris Sprouse
The Society of Super-Heroes Character Designs by Chris Sprouse


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