Green Lantern Corps Features John Stewart’s Zero Year with Tie-In 25th Issue


Fall of the Lightsmiths is just a few short months away and Forever Evil is even closer. Yet its another, smaller, DC Comics event that should have lantern readers attention. The rumors are true, Green Lantern Corps will have a Zero Year with issue #25. Check out what the editor of all the Batman titles had to say about GLC’s crossover.


Editor Mike Marts on the initial creation of the Zero Year story:

The core storyline that [Batman writer] Scott [Snyder] was developing for “Zero Year” came first, but there was always some discussion about how other books could get involved and participate. As the storyline grew and evolved, we started to get a clearer picture on how other titles could join in.


Fear not lantern fans, Mike Marts says these tie-ins (Batgirl, Batwing, Birds of Prey, Catwoman, Detective Comics, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Action Comics, The Flash, Green Arrow and Green Lantern Corps) will not last long.

Will these be multi-issue arcs that tie in to “Zero Year,” or one-shots?


Marts: One-shots.

And just how does Green Lantern Corps fit in with a Batman mini-event?

Let’s just say that John Stewart’s early adventures may have taken him close to Gotham City around the time of “Zero Year.”


….The fun of these one-shot tie-ins is discovering early chapters of these characters’ lives … before the days when they were heroes.


And for the record, “Zero Year” is loosely six years ago New52 DCU time. Info via MTV.

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