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Space Cop
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Default McFarlane gets a DC license

They'll start DC multiverse figures in 2020.

+ YouTube Video
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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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I saw this yesterday. Not sure what to make of it. How much mileage will Mcfarlane get out of the license in 3 years? I really have no interest in starting new lines after Mattel did the DCUC line. What they didn't finish their of interest to me I paid to have customs made from those base bodies.

I will however be very interested in cherrypicking figures of pet favorites.
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Black Lantern
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I'm not sure where McFarlane will fit in here. His toys are known for superior sculpting and detail, but lack articulation and play value. They'll most certainly be pretty, but like most of Todd's figures, not too durable and lack dynamic posing ability, which is a trademark of DC's iconic characters.

More than anything, I'd like to see a cool Green Lantern, but not have to pay hundreds of dollars like a Hot Toys statue. Maybe McFarlane can carve out a niche here. We'll see...
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