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Default Hawkman Thread (Current Issue SPOILERS)

I've been waiting for this since Metal was announced and dealing with Nth metal. As a big fan of Geoff Johns reincarnation angle and everything that came during that wonderful era of pre-New52 comics, I'm glad they went back to that rather than the Wolverine w/wings approach in the New52.

Making Hawkman's reincarnation involve also being reincarnated across the universe is an interesting twist and a nice way to tie in more Thanagarian stuff. A Hawkman of Krypton, Rann, etc. sounds interesting but it all just depends on Robert V's execution. I think his ideas are great in GLC but it always seems too compacted and too much of a chore to include 4 Earth GL's. His new DAMAGE though has been killer with a more singular focus. Hawkman has that potential to be awesome, tweaking his origin again for a new era to open up a world of possibilities. It really just depends on the era of which these new lives existed. Krypton of 400 years ago was much different I'm sure than whatever passes for Superman's homeworld in the current continuity some 30-35 years ago. Same goes for Rann. I'm surprised they didn't have the legend of Nightwing and Flamebird on Krypton be the backstory for the Kryptonian Hawkman.

The one thing that I'm baffled on is how this will effect Hawkgirl/Hawkwoman. Are Hawkman and Hawkgirl not reincarnated lovers now and just somehow victims of the same mysterious immortality/reincarnation bug?

I'm still asking myself why they don't just draw Hawkman's helmet like they were in the 90's and when Geoff brought him back in the 2000's? Sure it doesn't translate well to live action but not everything needs to. This new design is better than the New52 version, and the alternate covers have them looking amazing, but they really should continue to let it evolve until they find something that isn't an eyesore.

The Nth metal still being inside of Hawkman also bugs me. Having his wings disappear when he isn't using them is just dumb and they only did it in the CW shows to make it cheaper on the effects/CGI budget. The idea that Hawkman can be grounded if he doesn't find some Nth metal wings made eras now tied to him like his days as Nighthawk a hell of a lot more interesting. Now we're getting Kryptonian Hawkman as well as others and... look Ma no wings! LOL.

I've got high hopes for this series. As one of the biggest damn Hawkman fans I know, I'd give this issue a solid 8 outta 10.

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