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Default The Green Lantern: Secret Identity Pt. VII

The Green Lantern: Secret Identity Pt. VII
Frank Medina, Jr.

“I need everyone to gather around for a short meeting.” Chris said as he took a seat at the meeting table.
The others stopped what they were doing and took a seat at the table
Michael turned down the volume on the radio.
“OK. We’re all here.” Chris said as he looked around the table.
“What’s this about?” Teresa asked with great curiosity.
“Nothing to be worried about.” Chris insured. “Just got off the phone with Tom. He told me that everything with the company has been going really great.”
The mail clerks smiled.
“So great that the Company has given us day passes to Six Flags.”
Everyone’s faces lite up with joy & happiness.
“Wow! Really?” Peggy giggled.
“Yes.” Chris continued. “I just need to get a head count as to how many passes I need to ask Tom for. I know you’re going to need three passes for you and your daughters.” Chris asked Silvia. “Is your husband going to go as well?”
“No.” Silvia said. “He probably won’t go. He has a lot of work to do.”
“I have season tickets, so I won’t need a pass.” Peggy said.
“How about the rest of you?” Chris asked.
The others raised their hands to indicate that they will need day passes to Six Flags.
“Good.” Chris said. “I’ll e-mail Tom and let him know how many passes we will need.”
“Are we going as a group or can we go when we want to go?” Peggy asked.
“Well, since they are giving us the tickets for doing a great job as a team, I can only assume they want us to go to Six Flags on the same day.” Chris said. “Why? You don’t want to be seen out in public with us?”
“Oh, no.” Peggy said giggling. “I was just asking.”
“Good.” Chris said. “I guess that’s about it. Everybody back to what you were doing.”
Everyone left the table and went back to getting things ready for the end of the day.

The day finally arrived! Six Flags day! Everybody showed at the entrance to the park at the arranged time. Teresa and her husband, Kenneth; Racquel and her husband, Todd; Silvia and her two girls; Chris and Mary and the others.
“Alright everybody. Enjoy the day.” Chris said as everyone went their own ways.
“Come on, Rocky.” Frank said. “Let’s get on the Texas SkyScreamer.”
“Which one is that one?” Racquel asked.
“It’s that one.” Frank answered as he pointed to the tallest ride in the area.
“No thank you. That’s OK. You enjoy.” Racquel causally said as her and Todd kept on walking.
“How about you, Peggy? The Texas SkyScreamer?” Frank asked as he pointed to the ride.
“Oh, no. You go on a head without me.” Peggy replied with a nervous & timid giggle.
“Ok. Well, later.” Frank said as he went on his way.
Peggy and her grandkids went to the kiddie rides; Todd & Racquel went walking through the park as did Teresa & Kenneth. Silvia and her girls went to the rides for older kids.
Frank stood in line for the ride. The line went a lot quicker than he anticipated.
The ride was a two seater. Frank got strapped into his seat. A twenty-something girl was in the seat next to him.
“I’m so scared.” The girl said. “But I told myself I was going to get on this ride.”
“Hey, girl. You alright?” one of her friends asked from the chair in front of them.
“Yah!” she answered.
The ride started. The girl screamed and grabbed onto Frank’s arm as they began lifting off the ground. Frank felt a rush of adrenaline and was getting excited.
“Holy Moly!” he said as they got higher and higher. The chairs began moving forward. The others were whooping and hollering. Frank kept looking around to see what he could see from being so high up. He figured where his apartment complex was & thought he caught a glimpse of the buildings.
Suddenly a massive earthquake occurred. The Texas SkyScreamer came to a halt with all the people dangling from it. The other rides came to a sudden stop as well. One could hear the people screaming and hollering in fear and terror.
Another earthquake.
Frank looked at the girl next to him. Her eyes were sealed tight as the was saying a “Hail Mary”.
In the confusion, Frank used his ring to remove the harness; Frank slipped out of his chair and quickly changed into the Green Lantern uniform and began saving the people.
Another earthquake.
The Green Lantern flew to the closest roller coaster and made a construct of the roller coaster cars next to the people.
GL caused the security restraints to unlock.
“Everybody move to the other set of car and I’ll get you all to the ground.” He ordered using a huge megaphone.
After The Green Lantern took care of those people, he continued saving other people.
The quakes were becoming more frequent.
The Green Lantern made huge constructs of angels to help the people from the rides, and he made huge constructs of giants to help keep the bigger rides from falling.
The Green Lantern searched and found the source of the quakes. The Green Lantern quickly encased the bad guy in an energy bubble.
“So what do they call you?” GL asked.
“I am Seismic!” he proclaimed. Seismic had hand held generators on each hand that caused the quakes. He aimed them at the energy bubble. The Green Lantern began concentrating harder in order to keep the construct intact. Soon the vibrations were too strong and the bubble popped.
“Ok. Let’s see how you do with this.” GL said. He made a vault construct that was surrounded with cinderblocks.
“Now try to get out.”
Moments later the construct began to have small cracks in it. The Green Lantern concentrated harder on the construct. The cracks got bigger until the whole thing shattered.
Seismic took a shot at The Green Lantern, and he fell to the ground, hard. Seismic caused the ground to split apart and The Green Lantern fell into the hole. Seismic made the earth to fall and bury The Emerald Knight.
The Green Lantern quickly exploded from the ground. He made a huge construct of a catapult, slide it underneath Seismic and shot him into the sky.
Seismic sailed through the air and landed in the nearest lake. His hand held quake generators short circuited and he was left in the lake treading water.
With Seismic being taken care of for the time being, The Green Lantern went around the amusement park helping people.
Silvia felt a big knot of fear in the pit of her stomach as she was franticly looking for her daughters. She was running up and down between the rows of buildings hoping to find her girls. All the while Silvia was calling them on their phones with no luck every time.
“Mommy! Mommy!”
Silvia looked around; then, she looked up to see her daughters wearing green glowing jet packs with The Green Lantern right behind them.
The daughters landed right in front of Silvia and the jet packs vanished.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Silvia said crying as the terror and dread turned into great joy and relief while she hugged her daughters very tightly.
The Green Lantern simply flew away. He grabbed Seismic and took him to jail.
The Green Lantern returned to the park, and Frank changed back into his street clothes.
Frank walked around Six Flags until he found Teresa, Kenneth, Racquel and Todd.
“You guys alright?” Frank asked.
“Yeah. We’re Ok.” Teresa said.
“Attention, Guest.” A voice boomed over the loud speakers. “Due to today’s tragic event, Six Flags will be closed until further notice for repairs. As you leave, you will be given Free Day Vouchers to be used on your next visit as soon as Six Flags opens. Thank you for coming and have a safe day.”
Everybody continued to leave the park.
One by one the Mailroom group found each other in the parking lot.
Peggy showed up with her grandkids.
“Grandma you’re holding me too tight.” Peggy’s grandson said.
“Don’t worry. I’m not letting you go.” She said with a scared look on her face.
“You OK, Peggy?” Racquel asked her.
“Yes, I’m fine.” Peggy replied with a forced smile and giggle.
“Well looks like most of us are here.” Chris said.
“Anybody seen Michael?” Silvia asked.
Suddenly their heads turned to the sound of someone running towards them.
It was Michael with a huge grin on his face.
“Oh my gosh! Did you see that?” he excitedly asked the group. “The Green Lantern was here! The big fight! It was awesome!” Michael said as he was looking up into the sky. Michael was so ecstatic he was hopping with excitement and looked like he was going to explode.
“Alright, calm down, Michael.” Chris said.
Moments later the group got into their cars and made their way to the homes.
The following week at the mailroom went by with no real problems. Frank did his nightly patrols as The Green lantern. He had his ear piece tuned into the police ban frequency.
“Robbery at convenient store on the corner of Royal Road and Webb Chapel in progress.” The dispatcher said.
The Green Lantern flew fast to the location. As he got closer, GL saw the robbers jumping into their car and going north on Webb Chapel.
“I’ll let them get on the freeway and give them some hope of getting away before I snatch them.” The Green Lantern said to himself. He marked the car with a green tracer.
“Come on, man! Hurry it up!” one robber said to the driver.
“You see them behind us?” The Driver asked.
“No! We make it to the freeway and we’ll be home free.”
The car got on the freeway and increased in speed. It was weaving in and out of traffic.
“Yes! We made it!” The second robber laughed. “Keep going straight. I’ll tell you when to get off the freeway and we can disappear in the neighborhood.”
“Time to end their fun.” GL said. He made a construct of a massive hand. It reached down and grabbed the car off the freeway. The Green Lantern carried the car back to the convenient store and placed it in front of the police. The doors flew open and the officers pulled the robbers out of the car and arrested them.
“Thanks a lot, Green Lantern.” The officer said.
“No problem, Officer. Always glad to help.” The Green Lantern replied. “You have a nice night.”
The Green Lantern flew away into the night sky.
A few days later Frank was at home watching television.
“News reports are coming in from China.” The news reporter said, “Giant yellow monsters are crawling all over the Great Wall of China and destroying it.”
The video recording was from someone’s cellphone. It was shaky, but it showed large nightmarish creatures all over the wall. People were screaming as they were running for their lives and screaming in stark terror.
In the midst of the creatures Frank saw who was behind these monsters. He noticed a being wearing a Yellow Lantern Corps. uniform, fear.
“Good thing my ring no longer has a yellow weakness.” Frank thought to himself as he changed into his Green Lantern uniform and flew towards China.
The Green Lantern created a small wormhole to get to China is a matter of seconds.
He quickly saw that it was much worse than what was shown on the news. The Green Lantern saw the Yellow Lantern and blasted the person with a warning shot.
“Who dares shoots me?” The Yellow Lantern cried out. “A Green Lantern on this mud ball planet! I am Emah of the Yellow Lanterns and I will destroy you and your world with fear!!!” He proclaimed.
“I’ve taken down a Red Lantern. I can take care of you.” The Green Lantern said.
“We shall see!!!” Emah bellowed.
The fight began.
Emah struck first with sending all of his constructs at The Emerald Warrior. The Green Lantern repelled the constructs with an energy blast. Just enough time to make his own offense. The Green Lantern created a construct of a legion of Angels with fiery swords to attack the yellow monsters. While the constructs were fighting each other, Emah & The Green Lantern fought each other.
They bantered back and forth. Emah shot a beam to GL who deflected it with a shield. The Green Lantern fired a huge bazooka at his enemy which threw him back a few yards. The two continued fighting, but The Emerald Knight kept getting the upper hand against The Yellow Lantern.
Soon Emah drew back and his constructs melted away.
“See how you deal with this!” he hollered.
Suddenly The Green Lantern’s heart began pounding very hard and his stomach felt like it was being tied into knots as he suffered an overwhelming sense of fear, terror & dread.
He fell out of the sky, crashing through a grove of trees. Due to the fear & terror, The Green Lantern changed back to his street clothes as he smashed through the trees.
Frank landed on the ground with a thud. He moaned and groaned as the pain radiated through his body. It took Frank a few minutes to recover and catch his breath.
“Ring, what happened?” Frank asked as he was rubbed the back of his head still throbbing in pain.
“Emah is a psychic being with the ability to evoke one’s greatest fear.”
“So I have to create a devise that will shield me from his fear attacks.” Frank said.
Frank concentrated on what he wanted and saw the devise in his mind and the ring created the apparatus. It was a head band that fitted perfectly on Frank’s head.
He willed the uniform back on, and The Green Lantern flew back into action.
“I see you’ve come back for another taste of fear!” Emah arrogantly said.
“No! Just for the win!”
The Green Lantern attacked hard. He made a construct of a huge suit of armor and fired a dozen rockets at Emah.
Emah was able to defend against some of the missiles, but not all of them. A few good hits knocked Emah off balance.
The Green Lantern took advantage of the situation and continued the attack on a grander scale. The Green Lantern fired more smaller missiles at Emah. Before he could get a chance to recover, The Green Lantern plowed Emah over with a construct of a huge locomotive. Finally, The Green Lantern made two enormous mallets and smashed them together with Emah in the middle.
Emah fell to the ground with a loud crash. The Green Lantern landed in front of him and removed his ring. Emah changed back into his civilian clothes.
“Ring, where is Emah from?”
“You may have taken my ring, but I still have my power!” Emah yelled as he used his psych powers on The Green Lantern. Emah was shocked to see that The Green Lantern was not cowering in fear and terror.
“I figured you out.” The Emerald Warrior boasted as he back slapped Emah with a big construct of a hand and knocking Emah out cold.
Now Ring, where is Emah from?”
“Emah is from the Planet Pachad in Sector 1916.”
“Fine, lets open a wormhole and send him home.”
A small wormhole opened. The Green Lantern encased Emah in a sphere and tossed him into the wormhole.
Emah popped out on his home planet. He stood up and looked around at his home world. It was a desolate place. Harsh wind scorched landscape.
“I swear by the gods I shall have my revenge on you, Green Lantern and all other Lanterns!” Emah screamed to the heavens as he began walking towards a small village.
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