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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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Cant disagree more. Tess Fowler is a prime example of what's wrong with comics. A low level creator who's never really done anything of note and wants to climb higher, thinks she is the person who should guard the gate for who does and doesn't work in the industry. The things she says about EVS and CG are FAR worse than anything they have said about her in return. It's always this way with these cretins. Fowler and her cronies are the terrible people.

Good on EVS and his friends for finding a way to support their families working on comics despite these monsters best efforts. It's obvious that it eats them alive every day as the mainstream comic industry dies around them while independent guys like EVS not only prosper but thrive. That's really the best revenge for how poorly they have been treated and lied about.
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Trey Strain
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Re Johns and Bendis, I bet Johns has done a hundred things like that in his career, and this was just the first time that someone has caught him or recognized what he was up to.
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Big Blue Lantern
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Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
Tess Fowler is on Twitter showing that EVS and his Comicsgate cronies (including Art Thibert) have mocked her for having cancer as an "act of God she deserves."

Good guys who just want to make good comics? Or absolute pieces of shit that too many people make excuses for?

Obviously the latter.
I've heard plenty of positive feedback about EVS's fan interactions over the years, and I still like his work. However, I just saw some of his recent Tweets, and I'm afraid that he's gone down the rabbit hole. The thinly-veiled toxicity of Comicsgate is something that should repulse one's conscience, and I'm disappointed that EVS doesn't see that. There is a *respectful* conversation to be had about the role of classic characters in the ever-evolving world of comics, but it obviously can't come from a stronghold of prejudice like that of Comicsgate.

And on an anecdotal note, one of the shops that I frequent actually gave me two EVS auto'ed books and an original sketch for free about a year ago. When I asked the owner why (although I was grateful), he said that customers had been reacting negatively to seeing EVS's work displayed due to his association with Comicsgate. Needless to say, I experienced many warring emotions at that moment.
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