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Space Cop
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^Not as impressive, but I got a little bit more of the hang of Ducktales and beat at least the first two lands (Amazon and Transylvania).
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Agent Purple
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Barely managed to complete Bergusia Forge again, earning myself two weapons: Dead Man Walking pistol (scrapped in an attempt to get its shader, failed, roll was mediocre anyway) and a pretty solid Blast Furnace, which I was deeply looking forward to owning. Seriously, the timer was down to the last few seconds when we killed that stupid Spider Tank boss.

I literally spent probably two hours repeatedly doing the beginning of Tree of Probabilities to get Hive samples from the Infinite Forest, but of course RNG decided to have a full day with me and I haven't been able to get them to appear. Maybe I'll try Garden World over the course of the week.

Need to do Trials tomorrow, cannot skip it. Three win reward is the Summoner auto rifle and completing one of the bounties will give the three-win reward. Also need to do three nightfalls for Truth's quest and four Reckoning runs again, especially the latter before I have to do the bounty again next week. I probably won't have time to do Petra's weekly bounties so that'll be another chore for later. Almost have Chaperone, just two more kills.

In non-Destiny news, I'm almost done with the commendations I want for Division 2, namely completing some of the more tedious missions on hard numerous times. And naturally each time I play I hate the more absurd changes Massive made to the game, including all but destroying build diversity by removing talents from everything except the chest and backpack pieces. God, at this rate I'll never purchase Warlords of New York because I just keep insisting to myself not to buy it until the discount is even greater.
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