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Default Green Lantern Sales Numbers

Okay, I'm hoping to continue Raker's useful listing of monthly GL sales. I probably won't be able to list as much information as he did, but let me know if you want something else. Unit sales aren't up yet on the site he gave me.

Here's the top 20 for September with GL titles noted in bold.

1 Batman 1
2 Action Comics 1
3 Green Lantern 1
4 Flash 1
5 Superman 1
6 Detective Comics 1
7 Batman The Dark Knight 1
8 Fear Itself 6
9 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 1
10 Batman And Robin 1
11 Green Lantern New Guardians 1
12 Batgirl 1
13 Wonder Woman 1
14 Green Lantern Corps 1
15 Teen Titans 1
16 Aquaman 1
17 Batwoman 1
18 Amazing Spider-Man
19 Red Lanterns 1
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