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Default Anniversary Poll Results

The Results from the Polls

1. Overall Best Used GL


2. Most Shocking GL Moment

Lethal Force Enabled

3. Cover of the Year

Sinestro Corps Special #1

4. Best GL apperance in a Non-GL title

GL Emotional Spectrum in DC Universe #0

5. Writer of the Year

Geoff Johns

6. Artist of the Year

Ethan Van Sciver

7. Villian of the Year


8. Overall Issue of the Year

Sinestro Corps Special #1

9. GL Death - Greatest Loss

Jack T. Chance

10. Favorite New Lantern of the Year


11. Most Under Used Lantern

Tomar Tu

12. Favorite GL Toy or Product of the Year

Mattel's The Batman Green Lantern Hal Jordan

13. GL Customizer of the Year


14. Most Shocking Board Moment

Goeff Johns joins the board

15. Best Thread of the Year

The Ethan Van Sciver Talkback Thread

16. Favorite Board Emoticon of the Year

17. Most Missed MIA Board Member

methos (he came back just prior to the thread closing)
so now its genesistorm

Thanks for participating in the Anniversary Polls hopefully we will continue this and also come up with some more cool stuff for you guys to do for our 2nd Anniversary next year!
My Ketogenic Journey

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