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Default Corps Cast Episode 116 -- Debbie -- RL/GL:NG/E2 (rel. 5.30.12) proudly presents The Green Lantern Corps Cast, a podcast focusing on all things Green Lantern! This week the guys get positive. Things are looking up as more lanterns die and characters return. Can Bleez & Atroctitus ever really be allies again? Does Bleez like or just respect Kyle Rayner? Will the New Guardians ever work as a full cast again? Should they? Millions of questions arise as the gang dive into the latest lantern titles and start covering an entire new universe with James Robinson's Earth 2. It's death, death and more DEATH on this episode of CorpsCast!

Send your opinions to us on Twitter, Forum, email, FACEBOOK , Google+ or by giving us a call at (313) GL1-2814

Download/Subscribe via iTunes here or listen online here!
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