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Exclamation Action Figure Collector tips, tricks, and Q and A thread.

I decided to make another thread this one, this one being sort of a Q and A/ help thread for collectors.

The topics I would like to see here are basic things that you would like to share with other collectors on either how to manage and display your collection, up to how to fix figures that might be either broken, or have incorrect parts. (on occasion this afflicts DCUC), or even the best ways to find figures before scalpers do in your area.

over the course of this thread I will edit this post to link tips left by posters to provide fast access. If I don't add your tip to this post please pm me and if it should be here I will post it... or a MOD could.. (to determine if a post should be here I may enlist the help of another member or two. TmarcumUSN I'm looking at you.)

I will start.

also please do not bash someone else's tips or

Preventing Action Figure Suicide.

Securing DCD Power Battery Handles

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