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Star Manphire
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Default Blackest Night Figurine collection

Hey there I saw this just a moment ago and thought I better show everyone here.

They are from the same collection as DC Superhero Figurine Collection but purely GL related...

The Blackest Night Collection is a new magazine series that expands upon the award-winning DC Comics Super Hero Collection. Aimed at fans of DC Comics and, in particular, the Green Lantern milieu, the Blackest Night Collection will focus on DC Comics' 2009-2010 event, the critically-acclaimed Blackest Night and its follow-up Brightest Day. Each figurine will be a highly-detailed replica of the character at approximately 1/21-scale. Each sculpt will be based on the Blackest Night version of the character. Begin your collection with Black Hand (#1) or the Red Lantern Atrocitus (#2).

Price is $14.00, so will be around January time for release here in the UK/Ireland.

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They're cool, but I'm going to stick with the action figures.
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Awesome! I have the Hal Jordan lead figurine and was always intending to grab the rest.
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I have Guy if anyone needs him
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Glomulus Wants
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aww damnit I already get the DC Lead figures now these.
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