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View Poll Results: who survives
katniss 0 0%
the arrow 3 60.00%
they both team up to survive against dinosaurs 2 40.00%
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Default the arrow vs katniss everdeen

battle to the death with a twist. the battle between the two takes place on the second island in jurassic park with no fences and dinosaurs running wild

.................................................. ..........................

I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of WWE Network subscriptions were suddenly cancelled.

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Arrow. As much as Katniss has been built up as a hero, she would've never even been in that situation had she not been forced into it. The same could be said of Arrow, but he didn't continually resist the changes necessary in order to become the kind of person who could survive hardship, like Katniss did. He has the survival skills, the marksmanship, and the will to do what's necessary straight out of the gate rather than waiting for his hand to be forced.

That said, I can't account for the dinosaurs. I would assume either knows enough to avoid the carnivorous ones, but there's no accounting for dinosaur education in Panem...
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