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The Last Broadcast (1998)

"Fact or Fiction goes live."

So boring. I wanted to see it (1) because it's in the context of the legend of the Jersey Devil [whose stomping ground is like an hour away]; (2) it's notable in horror history for beating out Blair Witch Project to the found footage thing, but didn't get the fame (I don't like either film, but BWP is more compelling).

Originally Posted by BLACK HAND View Post
Funeral Home was pretty boring IMO. A cheap, meandering Psycho rip off if I remember correctly. That normally wouldn't be enough to turn me off to a movie, it just moves very slowly.
Completely. It's weird because the whole thing feels like you're supposed to be shocked by the ending, but the only people who might be would be someone who never saw (or heard of the ending of) Psycho.

Originally Posted by BLACK HAND View Post
I watched Escape From New York last night; tonight is Halloween. Yeah I am having a Carpenter love fest, it's that time of year.
You should watch The Fog too. My favorite Carpenter movie is actually Big Trouble in Little China, but I stick to the horror ones this month.

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