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TRU has a Megamind figure on clearance which is quite awful but for th price, might be wort it just for the flight stand.
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good call
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For hovering, here is something I did in my Asylum:

Notice how Abin Sur appears to be hovering.

This illusion is created with a suction cup and invisible thread.

It takes a bit of time to get precisely the way you want, but it's worth it in the end. Standing a few feet away, you can't even see the thread.

If you want a power flight pose, you can do the same with 2 suction cups and invisible thread around the figure's neck and legs.

I used to display my Star Trek ships in flight and would use clear Fishing wire and hooks.
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I have had trouble with almost all my dcds standing up - when I use the included stands. Unless the ankle is hinged (providing extra sturdiness), the ankles eventually warp the fig right over, and then I have a warp-legged fig that's near impossible to re-form perfectly. Then someone suggested never using the stands, and letting the fig naturally distribute its own weight on its own feet, and it works!
As far as posing them in flying positions, stay tuned... I will be posting a pic soon of the entire BN line grouped by color/team and flying
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