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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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Default Gotham By Midnight

Did anyone else read Gotham By Midnight #1 yet? I read it last night before bed and liked it quite a bit. I'm willing to put the 52 Spectre material DC has done before this out of my mind and give this title a shot on its own merits. I liked the art and the style they were going for visually. The story was a good setup with the introduction of the supporting cast and telling the story mostly through the eyes of the IA skeptic.

Overall I'd give the issue a soli B+. Good start to the series. I'm pretty much signed on for this being a Spectre series of sorts anyway, so here's for the best.
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We discussed it a bit in the Batman thread. I thought it was a decent enough opening issue but man did it make me miss Fell.
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I'll probably wait until the first trade.
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