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Default Question about issue 1

Hello everyone. I just recently got back into comics and I was sticking mainly to Vol. 4 via trades, but at the recent Toronto Fax Expo I picked up the first 60 or so issues from Vol 3. plus a few others. So naturally I have many questions, of which I will only ask one at the moment.

Issue 1 starts off with Hal more or less on the road looking for meaning. My confusion is this: What happen before this? How did he end up wandering? Is there a series that explains why he is feeling this way? What is up with the grey hair?

Thanks for any input.

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well at the time, the grey hair was meant to show that many of the silver agers were getting older and showing it. many of the Silver Age kid sidekicks at that time were becoming adults (early 20's)
(Current Retroactive Continuity blames Parallax for the grey hair.)

As to why he was on the road I'm not as sure. He was done with his second stint at Ferris i know that much. and the way he explains it later to Guy and a few others is that "Being a GL went at some point from being the greatest thing to being the Greatest Drag."
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Oh boy. This ventures into that no man's land between Vol 2 and Vol 3 covered in two specials and Action Comics Weekly. Well ... let's see what I can rattle off the top of my head.

Hal lost his apartment and job. Carol not only embraced the evil of the Star Saphire, but went insane, murdered Katama Tui, and was kidnapped. Jhon blamed him for Kat's death, got him to steal some diamonds, was tossed in jail, and wound up in serious trouble and he was not friendly with Hal anymore. Superman told Hal off on that. Captain Atom got to kick his ass. None of his pals would give him the time of day, including Green Arrow and Batman. Priest used some dirty tricks to try and make Hal a "better Green Lantern", which lost him his very last friend. Arisia also left him to become a model.

So, by GL#1 being Green Lantern sucked.

But it's true ... it was very Dark Knight Returns inspired. Hal quickly turned it around, though.
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This takes me back. My first issue of any GL comic. Loved the opening pages of Hal going off that cliff.

Where did Captain Atom kick Hal's ass?

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hal, issue 1, vol3

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