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I only read a few issues of Lost Army; I don't think it's necessarily needed to understand this series. I believe the only setup that carried over is that the GLC is dispersed, lost, and they are in a different universe. Some aspects of that universe I am unclear of, like when they say it is before the one they are from, so I think Lost Army does help reign in the full scope of the story but you don't need it to understand this one.
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Personally I think that is kind of obnoxious. I mean, they cancelled Lost Army, then floated this series as a "conclusion" of that storyline, but then left pretty much every aspect of that series hanging, never to be referred to again. I know this is just my personal preference, but I generally prefer for things to be resolved instead of ignored, even if I didn't like those things in the first place.

For instance, I'm not at all a fan of the "emotional reservoir" thing, that says that using the GL rings is killing the universe, but if, hypothetically, the writers wanted to dispense with it, I'd much prefer that they do a story resolving that issue (either fixing it somehow, or showing that Relic was wrong, and it was never an issue to begin with) than just ignoring it entirely and letting it fade out of neglect.
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To me Edge of Oblivion is an irrelevant chapter in the Green Lantern Corps title. I guess DC just gave up on the latter after Van Jensen, the stories started going downhill almost immediately imo. Lost Army seemed a positive step forward, but the cancellation and subsequent production of EoO, with a plot I don't think hardly anyone would care to recite out loud (it's that forgettable) spelt the end. Perhaps they're just giving the title one more shot with Jordan at the helm in desperation. Though disappointed in the writing choice, I love the Corps very much and I'll probably give that a try.

EoO has been dead in the water for awhile in my eyes, Van Sciver's leaving is a non event in that sense. I wasn't reading anymore anyway.
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