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We got a lot of crappy toys in the movie line. They are peg and shelf warmers in every store I have been in.

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lol i think i just had a cup of haterade again.

DUDE I KNOW!!! I wish mattel spent the same amount of time they did on Batman Begins/The Dark Knight's movie masters line on GL's. I remember when the batman ones came out, they were hard to get, except the Scarecrows hahaha and thats because they looked real great and akin to their appearances in the movie.

Lol well i just hate how small these figures were and wish they were as thick and big as the batman ones, I hate looking at how the Christian Bale batman stands next to the Scooby Doo like Ryan Reynolds unmasked green lantern
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They're actually in scale (assuming Reynolds and Bale are the same height, which I think they are officially). Reynolds only looks smaller because he's essentially naked. Bale's wearing armor and boots, making him bigger and taller. They should have just made Reynolds a little bigger so the two figures appeared the same size. But honestly, I don't mind having a Batman bigger than GL. He should be bigger.
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