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Andrew NDB
Shot Caller
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It was... respectable.
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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
Moisture Farmer
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Sorry this is late. Been busy lately but I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving with your families. I did the 2 Thanksgivings in one day thing with my family and my wife's. It was a very nice day.
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Old 11-26-2020, 04:01 PM   #28
Space Cop
The Dandy
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A very Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Among many other things, I am thankful for this board (quieter though it may be) and the work of the mods.


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Guardian of the Universe
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Happy thanksgiving y'all. Mines a very quiet one for obvious reasons.
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Agent Purple
The Illustrated Man
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Had a very good dinner last night, even if it was just me and my parents (hilariously enough, the dinner rolls didn't rise much, so my stepdad said they looked like his grandmother's tits). And almost best of all was that my mothers racial-political diatribe didn't start until dinner was over and her older brother called so she and him could circle-jerk each other about bullshit conspiracy theories they actually believe!

I'm browsing some Black Friday deals right now, hoping for something good, but otherwise I might just have to wait especially with Christmas coming up.
Villain Draft 3: Fourth Place Winner
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