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Default Green Screen

Given the amount of video work that gets done on this board, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for lighting up a green screen area on the cheap.

I've built a rack that I've stretched a double thick green screen out with no creases, but as I'm getting ready to shoot next week, I need to find a good way to light the area without having to resort to hundreds of dollars worth of lighting equipment.

So it's my hope that someone has some pointers on how to light up a screen and backlight my actor, without white washing the scene and leaving me with a strong green screen to map out. Or maybe an online resource you can direct me to.

My actor won't be moving around much, so I mainly need to be able to eliminate the green fringe and knock out the green screen for some graphic elements in the background.

I only have another 6 weeks to finish my movie project, which sounds like a lot of time, but with post production I need my scenes shot by the end of next week.

Thanks in advance.
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What about simple 'reflectors' using cold-press poster board or foamcore?
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