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GL Volume 1
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I kinda liked this issue... good art and solid writing....
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Originally Posted by d3v1lb0y View Post
Don't know what else to say.. I promised my LCS that I would buy the 1st story arc... DAMN promises!!
You just walk in and say, "this book is terrible. I can't do this. I thought I'd like it but I've gotta take it off my pull list." If you don't take it off, they'll just keep ordering it for you. They're big boys; people adding and dropping titles are part of what they do.

If you really feel guilty, add something else to replace it.
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Solid issue, I love Superman being referred to as the Sun God.
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My review:
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The Jay Garrick parts had a whole "kid got new wheels" vibe to it that bothered me. But the interaction with Hawkgirl was good.

But the Alan Van Der Beek getting the GL powers...well it was better than I crying and kissing a charred corpse while holding onto a crusty hand...straight up tragedy, get the powers and get to the point.

And at the end of the day since there were no flashbacks of fond memories of Alan and Sam cornholing each other, this issue sorta came out on the "win" side of things.
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