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Default John Stewart Returns to the Justice League!

... with his cartoon love interest Hawkgirl, too. Wow! And headed up by Scott Snyder, so it should be a big deal.

It looks like it has the potential to be a DC Animated Universe fan's wet dream. It's about time DC thought to seriously capitalize on the most famous and loved incarnation of the Justice League (Bruce Timm's). Like 17 years overdue.

This is the first DC book I've been really excited about since... Lost Army, I think? I'm really happy to see that John won't be held hostage by that terrible Hal Jordan comic anymore.

I have to admit, this is rather unexpected for me. I didn't think there was a whole lot of hope for John Stewart, but DC just may pleasantly surprise me. The addition of Hawkgirl gives me hope that Snyder will actually do big and important things with John and not just have him around doing nothing.

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