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Default Changes to the original concept

To continue this discussion from elsewhere, these are charges to the original concept that would help in a reboot.

-- Make Sinestro the murderer of Abin Sur and thief of his ring, the Weaponers of Qward having recruited him to assassinate Abin and infiltrate the GLC. He should not be depicted as "badass" or "cool," and certainly not proclaimed as the greatest Green Lantern. And he doesn't need to lead a Corps.

-- Have all four Earth Lanterns get their rings at the same time, and depict them as equals.

-- The CBP should run the Corps and the Guardians should stay out of sight.

-- Software is about to make test pilots obsolete, so Hal needs a new profession. I'd make him a race car driver.

-- The Xudarians should look fierce and imposing, not flimsy.

-- Carol shouldn't be a Star Sapphire. That's corny. You can keep the Star Sapphires though.

-- Try the GLC without ring constructs. They're corny. If Alan doesn't join the Corps, then he can keep his. I bet they won't be missed, especially in terms of special effects for the movies, but if they are, then you can bring them back.

That's about all in terms of the original concept, I think. There's other stuff to lose, but it was introduced in the past 25 years. I wouldn't keep much of anything that was added after Kyle was.

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