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Default 2 questions about Wanted: Hal Jordan

So, I recently started GL from rebirth, including the Corps series with it. I just finished Wanted, and have two questions.
1) What happened when Hal turned Carol into a sorta-lantern. She had the suit but no ring...can they give powers to others?
-sub question, does Amon-Sur have powers, or just a suit he made to look like dad?

2) Where the Hell did the Amazon ladies in the end get a green and yellow lantern power battery??

Not sure if these are questions to be answered in future stories, or if it stuff from previous series I never read pre-Rebirth?

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(1) The one and only appearance of Carol Ferris as a Green Lantern. Boy, would I for one love to see that again. The old GL power rings (pre-52) had the ability to split off one (1) temporary ring with a one-shot 24 hour (or less) charge. Done many times in both Volumes 2 and 3 1960-2005. In the New 52 that got corrupted, see Sinestro's adventures on Korugar issues 5 & 6 in which he splits off an indefinite number of temporary rings.

(1a) Amon-Sur became a Sinestro Corps member, received indoctrination during Blackest Night preludes (you haven't gotten there yet--it was a "special tales" issue not part of one of the regular series; something else to collect).

(2) The "Amazon" ladies in the end, if memory serves, are Zamarons, and the green and yellow batteries are never, well, totally explained; this is about the point that the "entities" of the batteries were being captured by various means (again, Blackest Night).

Don't expect it all to make sense. It never does. Just enjoy.

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