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Default Far Sector #4 *Preview/Spoilers*

Far Sector #4 Preview
Writer: N.K. Jemisin
Artist: Jamal Campbell

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Originally Posted by Hypo View Post
Far Sector #4 Preview
Writer: N.K. Jemisin
Artist: Jamal Campbell

I'm definitely going to pick up this alternate cover. It's gorgeous.
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Oh, no. I just thought of a "hidden secret" to the whole Far Sector plot.

- The protagonist is a Green Lantern. By retcon, GL rings run on the emotion of willpower.
- The protagonist was not given a "typical" power ring + battery. Instead, they were given a power ring that collects and absorbs willpower from the surrounding area. This has been done somewhat before, but the "wish power" of the Maltusuians that became the Guardians of the Universe changed to being the collected and condensed willpower from every sentient being in the universe, and even the "Emotional Reservoir" behind the Source Wall.
- The protagonist recently used her GL power ring rather extensively, all the way down to 5%. The ring announced it would take a week to attain 100% charge again.
- Part of the plot of Far Sector is that the protagonist is surrounded by three races of aliens that "have suppressed their emotions". They're not supposed to have emotions, good or bad. When they do have emotions (by chemical stimulant), they tend to act like ravenous animals instead of sentients with their emotions in balance.

If the protagonist's GL power ring is recharging from the ambient willpower in the local area, who is emitting the emotion of willpower? Far Sector is supposed to be an "emotional desert". Just how is that special GL ring supposed to be recharging at all? It should be taking months for that power ring to recharge, not days. (Real stupid of the Guardian who gave her the ring/assignment to not realize that.)

Now, is the protagonist smart enough to 1.) realize this limitation, and 2.) take advantage of it by using the GL ring to track down the people(s) with emotion in this "emotionless" space station?

Or am I giving too much intelligence to both the protagonist and the writer(s) who wrote her?
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